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A layman's view on interior design.


Going blinds

Curtains have always had a strong presence in Sweden. In contrast to countries like the UK where the standard MO seems to be to show as little as possible of the inside, presenting a nicely framed interior using curtains has been the way to go in our country of (or lack of) Nordic light. I keep coming back to one of my favorite topics and here I go again: the professionalisation of the private sphere. What I mean by that is when products or behaviors from the professional sector start appearing in our homes, for example the espresso machine or the full-size steam press for the pants. This time it's happening to the curtains. More and more - me included - is looking for something else to frame our windows with. We have huge windows in our living room and we were reluctant to lose our view with traditional curtains. On the other hand we wanted to be able to bring down the direct sun light to a minimum some days. We decided to use a typical office solution with large white vertical blinds that filter the light and shield the room from heat. Told you: office -> home. I know, you'd think that it'd look kind of sterile but I think it looks clean and modern. There are a lot of niche sites, like those all about blinds and even blogs, helping along this trend that I think is here to stay.

See? Not sterile!
Vertical blinds


Wall paper? No, wall graphics

Considering how much space our walls represent in our homes, it's odd that we don't pay more attention to them. It's like the walls in an art gallery where our furniture is the art (I wish!). Well, the folks over at Blik is helping us out today with their slick wall graphics. In true modern individual spirit you can design your own graphics. Before you do, check out their wall decals with featured artists.

Don't run around in circles, let the walls do that instead
Circles on wall