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Bemz covering the IKEA after-market

Do you think all the business is over when IKEA has shipped sofas to all corners of the world? Well, they seem to think so. You ever tried to buy a new cover for your one+ year old IKEA sofa? Yep, me too. An empty stare from the IKEA staff was all I got. Fortunately there are people picking up this after-market over at Bemz. And the covers are even _nicer_ than the original ones. They'd have to be, because the IKEA I know would not let anyone make money on their stuff if they could avoid it. I know a company that was supplying a product to IKEA and suddenly IKEA started to manufacture the exact same product and dropped the supplier like a hot potato. It was a very small company so a legal battle was probably out of the question. So, Bemz beware.

Now you can bring your sofa when visiting the Stockholm Archipelago.


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