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A layman's view on interior design.



The concept of Discardia is very appealing to me. I remember in my younger days when I moved from one apartment to another, about 6 or 7 a year, that my pile of possessions became smaller each time. Finally I moved abroad and the pile disappeared altogether. I felt a great relief and a few of my friends could enjoy my books and records (yeah it was the LP era). Of course this feeling didn't have a name back then.

Nowadays when concepts don't exist if they're not branded, the concept is known as Discardia. Metagrrrl.com is a nice place to talk about this phenomena.

I must admit though, that I apply Discardia in a different way nowadays as well. I still don't like having a lot of stuff in my way, but I do enjoy great empty spaces. That could of course be considered a kind of possession...and hey, Kjell, I want my LPs back.

See that smile? I could be you.
Got Junk truck


Stockholm Furniture Fair

For us up here in the North it's about time to saddle our polar bears and queue up for tickets for the big interior event of next year - Stockholm Furniture Fair, 8-12 February 2006. For you guys living in other parts of the world I can only say: come on over - or keep dreaming about the famous Nordic light (non-existent this time of the year, to be honest) playing with the clean lines of top notch design at the fair.

Be there and be squared?
Stockholm Furniture Fair

Guest of honor at the fair is Naoto Fukasawa, who's designs are easy for admirers of Scandinavian design to relate to. I can recommend you to have a look at some work he's done for ±0.

Nope, it's not superglazed doughnut. It's a Fukasawa Humidifier.


HGTV how-to video guides

Over at HGTV.com there's stuff going on I tell you. If you get over the first ALL-POSSIBLE-CONTENT-IN-YOUR-FACE shock caused by the typical US web design of the first page, there are some interesting how-to video guides to help you out when improving your home. The videos are nicely packaged and allow you to step through them in your own pace. I had to see the masterpiece Installing a Tin Ceiling, which no doubt had to be some sort of horror flick. Well, I admit I watched with growing horror as the merry couple in the video began to nail some ornamented tin pieces to their ceiling. The result was a hideous tomb looking room, but the video was very educational.

Who said you have to live in a church to have your own tin ceiling? Well, I'll say it now: Yes, you'd have to live in a church!
Tin ceiling


IKEA Walkthrough

I'm an avid gamer. So there, I said it. In the gaming community there's this thing called a walkthrough. When you're so stuck in a game that you're half-way through the window holding your gaming console over your head enjoying the fact that the console at least is going to hit the street before your head does, a walkthrough is what you need. A walkthrough is a guide published by a fellow gamer that has passed all the levels of the game and has written down the experience to walk you through the game, step by step.

I sometimes wished I had a walkthrough for real life situations. Well, finally here's the IKEA Walkthrough. Although not so practical it's sure to bring a smile of recognition to the face of seasoned gamers, or people like you that have enough imagination to think of a day at IKEA as a game. Enjoy!

Go! Capture the flag!
IKEA flags


Intimidating furniture

That oversized desk not so impressive any more? Time to redecorate your office with some intimidating furniture. I recommend the Harkonnen Capo aluminum chair from the H. R. Giger furniture line. I can't guarantee that this chair won't rip the soul out of your body or suck the marrow out of your bones when you're seated in it.

Would you interrupt the guy sitting in this chair? Yeah, call Ripley.


Floating homes

On lazy Sundays such as this with the sun never showing, the rain killing off the the last of the white crisp snow we where blessed with a couple of days ago, my mind often drift away to other places, other climates. What could be more fitting than this utopian creation of the floating home, Trilobis 65. Of course, if you parked one of these babies in these waters around here, you'd only see a couple of meters of muddy, murky water and perhaps a grey dead bottom. Nothing like the tropical water environment shown in the illustrations of Trilobis 65 (65 by the way - there are 64 other models or what?). Anyway, enjoy the thought of you sitting in "the underwater observation bulb, an intimate and mediative place".

New addition to the pick-up line collection: "Hey baby, let's go home to my bulb"
Floating home


Your classic getting dog eared? Go repro!

Everyone loves an original piece of design furniture, but let's face it: it's a piece of used furniture. Sometimes in mint condition, but most times not so much. The other day I stumbled across a nice store on the web that sells reproductions of old design classics. I have no idea how they handle the business but they have nice picks of design. With these repro babies you could even let your kids play around with your Mies Pavilion Lounge Chair. Well, maybe not.

These marshmallows do NOT go into the fireplace
Marshmallow Sofa


Inspiring Flash film showing off IKEA kitchens

In my mind IKEA is not exactly edgy in it's communication with customers. However, today I saw a Flash film on the Swedish IKEA site that made me turn my head - or rather - turn the kitchen! Hurry over to this page and let the film load. Then click the image and drag it to the left or right. You'll see what I mean. Niiiiice!

Not so edgy logo
IKEA logo