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A layman's view on interior design.


David Delthony Sculptured Furniture

I have a weakness for organic shaped furniture. Now, how about organic shapes made out of all natural material? David Delthony has taken furniture carpentry to a new level with his series of sculptured furniture. Check them out here.

The age lines in the wood adds to the warped feeling. Scotty, warp 5, please!
sculptured chair III


Eurobad '74

You must stop by at Eurobad '74 to see a hilarous collection of distasteful interiors from 1974. It's not only extremely painful to see each image because of the interior per se. The staged situations in the images often contain an under-current of disturbed behaviour, for example the kid lifting a woman's skirt or a nude in terrified fetal position on the washbowl.

A stable-kitchen? Are you kidding me? I can smell the horse from my goddamn computer!
Stable kitchen?