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A layman's view on interior design.


Room with a view - or rather, three rooms but still one view

Understated web mag Moco Loco has spotted an interesting project by designer Colani. It's a small house with a view shared by a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom - but not a the same time! A cylinder in the house is divided into these three spaces, and the cylinder rotate on your command so that the space of your choosing is exposed to the view. Sounds nice in theory, I think, but when looking at it more closely I feel that the three spaces were made smaller than necessary. And forget about using two of the spaces at the same time. If your looking for that austronaut feeling, it's a gem though.

2001: Live the film.
Colani Rotor House

Now, if you're looking to give your life a more sophisticated spin I would recommend Curitiba in Brazil instead. There you can make the whole apartment rotate - independently of the other apartments.

If you jog real slow you can make a lap in your round apartment standing still.
Suite Vollard building, Curitiba, Brazil


Try it! It's Del.icio.us!

The web http://delicios.us is a place where you can keep and share your bookmarks. As such it's also a great place to get an outlook on topics that have at least passed the filter of a human eye. If someone took the bother to submit a bookmark, it's probably better than just an ad.

Now, this is of course applicable to our favourite subject: interior design. The latest bookmark will lead you to the web Generate Home, which has a collection of some nice things. For example, check out this nicely overdesigned drinking glass:

Drop Drinking Glass