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A layman's view on interior design.


Invisible Speaker Wire

I thought I'd post something useful for a change. This is one item I wish I'd seen before turning my apartment into a spider's web of speaker wires. Just one question: what if I want the "Invisible Speaker Wire" to make a 90 degrees turn?

Peel, Spackle, Pop...uhm...Paint

The iPod Apartment

There's no doubt that the iPod design struck a chord in design sensitive minds. I don't think it's such a revolutionary design, but it's rather a happy marriage between form, function and marketing (before you stop to think: polygamous marriage). This clean white surface seems to lurk in the back of our minds in all arts, for example take a look at the stage design in a Kubrick film. If 2001 would've been released today it would probably been called iPod The Movie. Well, interior design is not a huge step from stage design and I bet there are a lots of apartment interiors inspired by 2001. This one, however, is said to be inspired by the Alps surrounding the place. Anyway, something lurking in the back of my head says it's simply irresistible.