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A layman's view on interior design.


Psycho decorating qu'est ce que c'est?

Sometimes I feel that home decorating is somewhat frowned upon by people who would prefer to call themselves interior designers - although they may be doing the same thing. "Home decorator" tastes a bit - hmm - Martha Stewart-ish, a bit over-the-hill-american-woman-with-to-much-time-on-her-hands.

Well, be it as it may, sometimes some of these old ladies go completely overboard. Check out this site about Psycho Decorating. I find it disturbing in so many ways that it almost isn't funny. Almost. It has a section called Living Room Signals with some home-grown psuedo psychology that'll blow your mind. It lines up some things that should be present to indicate a certain characteristic of your persona:

"Achievement orientation is shown by...Sofa and chair upholstered in gold-toned fabrics"

And guess what?

"Dominance or leadership qualities are suggested by...Sofa and chair upholstered in gold-colored upholstery"

Wow! This is ground-breaking stuff! And the list goes on like that. But the joke is probably on me; I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Cruise is her best customer - recommending her to all his nutty friends.

Would you let this woman go psycho in your house?


The answer is 42. What was the question again?

Sometimes you run into a problem when fixing up your home and you don't even know where to begin. It could be that stupid leaking radiator (can I repair it or do I have to buy a new one?) or perhaps the daunting task of building a nice porch (do I need cement for that?). There are many site on the Net dedicated to one or the other detail about home improvement/decoration, but let me just hook you up with a couple of treasure troves that cover a whole variety of subjects on the matter.

Google Answers is an increasingly interesting place to go if you are looking for specific answers about the most far-out questions. Check out this guy, for example who was looking for a sofa and had only ripped pages from a catalogue to go by. Yes the sofa was found. Or this guy who wanted to know the pros and cons of an indoor pool when selling his house. The answer is quite an impressive investigation.

The eHow.com site is filled with step by step guides on how to do almost anything from how to buy someone a drink to building a snow shelter. I recommend the Decorating and Design section. It has matter-of-factly guides on silly projects as How to Make a Cowboy Lamp but also more useful things like How to Decorate a hallway.

What would you pay for the answer to the meaning of life?
Google Answers


Lenny Kravitz In Da House! Your House!

It surely hasn't escaped anyone that Mr Kravitz is interested in design. His outfits are clearly carefully put together - even if it looks like he's been attacked by a pack of dogs sometimes. Now his interior design business that he started two years ago seems to be picking up and he announced the formation of Kravitz Design in July this year. So why is this important? Well, it's not really, but I thought I'd post one for the ladies today.

Would you buy a rug from this man?