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A layman's view on interior design.


"The Art Of Interior Decoration" anno 1917

If you're curious about what was hot in interior design in the old days - get a load of this dusty book on "The Art Of Interior Design Decoration" by Grace Wood (I love the name). It was published the same year of the Russian revolution, but is hardly inspired by anything close to upsetting, though some paragraphs strike me as more interesting than others, for example

"There is a psychic connection between the outline of furniture and the inline of man."

Yes, ponder this my friends. I myself have no idea what she's talking about.

"A man's library" according to Gracie.


Design your own hotel room

The (in my view, improved) Interior Design web has a nice piece about a new boutique hotel in Tokyo. The first few floors are occupied by shops, galleries and offices, but the top floors offer long term guests to design their own room. You don't like what the last guest did with the room? Skip the sightseeing and redesign it!

One long term guest thought it neat to cut niches in the wall to store furniture.