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A layman's view on interior design.


Design mistakes lowers the price when selling your home

If you ever plan to sell your home, think twice before putting in that pink marble fireplace. The Guardian reported a while ago about some findings on the do's and dont's of home improvements when selling your home.

"Ripping out an original fireplace, adding a conservatory to a south facing wall, or converting a loft space with too little headroom are some of the mistakes made by owners trying to sell their homes..."

If you follow this simple advice perhaps you will stay clear of your spouce giving you the "I'm not the one who would tell you I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO".

One happy home owner not selling, by the looks of it
Hideous fireplace


Prince buy badminton cabinet for MUSD 36. No balls included

Never have I heard such a modest name for a piece of furniture worth almost 36 million dollars: The Badminton Cabinet. Well, that didn't discourage the prince of Liechtenstein from buying this antique for GBP 19045250 (about USD 35,6 million) at an auction the other day.

If His Highness is reading this, I'm happy to announce that my old closet where I keep my tennis balls is for sale - starting bid at...well let's say an even USD 40 million - balls included!

Ok, hmm...where to put the racket and balls?
The Badminton Closet


Human powered couch

I suppose this could be considered a nod to my fellow blogger Johan over at BikeLog. The question today is: can you still be a couch potato if you ride it? Before you answer take a look at these guys with their couchbike. Pretty neat huh? Strap on an TV with an Xbox in front of that and I wouldn't mind riding shotgun.

Yes it's ugly as hell, but the view, the view!


Oh my god they killed Kenny

Well perhaps not Kenny per se, but the musical career of Kenny Rogers seems to be fading. Following up on celebrities in the world of home improvement, Kenny has announced that he's teaming up with the world's largest home improvement retailer, Home Depot, to bring another gift to the world: The Kenny Rogers furniture line.

I think it's a brilliant move by Kenny to exploit that cozy-american-country-side quality in his music. I predict it will sell as butter, as the saying goes in Sweden (don't ask).

Get a load of that rugged used feeling - no, not his face - the chair, the chair!
Kenny Rogers