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Billy Bob fears the day he gets the really old chair

It's interesting how important news travel around the globe. This piece of stunning journalism made it's way from Hollywood to India almost unharmed (apart from the word "sleep", mutilated to "leep", giving the story a whole new angle when read aloud). Apparently, old furniture gives the actor Billy Bob Thornton the creeps:

"I just sort of gag around antique furniture. Most especially, the old English and European stuff. It is an odd phobia and it has always been with me"

Well, I tell you. Psycho actors with strange phobias just freaks me out, so I guess it evens out somehow.

Hot damn! All smiles until the antiques get the best of him.
Billy Bob


Eichler made modern affordable

The Sacramento Bee has an excellent piece on Joseph Eichler who was a house developer who built modern affordable houses in California between 1949 and 1974. In those days a typical Eichler house would cost you USD 20000, while today you're looking at up to USD 1 million for an "Eichler". Though he wasn't an architect - he just built what he liked - he is highly regarded in in architectural circles. For me, this all goes to show that aestetics doesn't have to do heaps of benjamins...Oh, and that people will make loads of money on your art when your dead.

The garden and patio is always present even inside the "Eichler" kitchen